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As a coach he is a 10, I have great respect and admiration. I know how it works and his dedication to basketball. Always growing, always trying to improve.Show full testimonial
Esteban Batista, Panathinaikos B.C
Josep Maria is a great coach, smart and demanding. Always he has ideas and suggestions to know what to do and why. Training with him was a great experience.Show full testimonial
Janis Blums, Panathinaikos B.C.
With Jose Maria we got many titles and sincerely I believe their contribution to the team, both in the first Euroleague (2002/03) and second (2009/10) was very important.Show full testimonial
Juan Carlos Navarro, F.C. Barcelona
Committed person with all his players, with the ability to stand in our place and always help.Show full testimonial
Roger Grimau, F.C. Barcelona
I hope that until I continue playing I have the chance to work with him again, I would be very happy if that happened.Show full testimonial
Vlado Ilievski, F.C. Barcelona
Josep had a great relationship with all the players, he understands well all of us and always he was prepared for whatever came: games, training, meetings or just chat with the players.Show full testimonial
Vlado Jankovic, Panathinaikos B.C.
During the decade that I got to know coach Berrocal, whether he would be in Barcelona, Kiev, Menorca, Donetsk or Athens, would always see him full of energy that is essential for a coach of that caliber.Show full testimonial
Ginas Rutkauskas, Vicepresidente Zalgaris Kaunas
I would describe my experience with coach Berrocal as enriching. He is one of the coaches who has greatly influenced my career. Show full testimonial
Arteaga Oliver, Menorca Bàsquet
With great sacrifice, things always come out well and Josep Maria is passionate about the game with a great capacity to work and dedication to the sport. Show full testimonial
Bas Romà, Menorca Bàsquet, Lucentum Alicante
I felt sad when Josep Maria left the club, but it was a decision he had to make. After many years as an assistant, he wanted to take the next step and become a head coach.Show full testimonial
Basile Gianluca, F.C. Barcelona
Coach Berrocal was a great coach for me, the only reason i went to play in the Ukraine was to play for him. He really understands what it takes to get a team to play at its full potential and develop good chemistry. Show full testimonial
Betts Andy, BC Budivelnik
He is a real example of adaptation and continuous growth. He is in search of a way of life – living for basketball and sharing his knowledge with others. Show full testimonial
Grimau Jordi, F.C. Barcelona
He is a perfectionist who is completely devoted to getting the most out of each of his players. He always defends his players and does everything possible to be comfortable and happy, both on and off the court.Show full testimonial
Hernández Alex, F.C. Barcelona
He is a coach who is continuously evolving and has a high level of professional maturity.Show full testimonial
Humet Oriol, Director Deportivo Menorca Bàsquet
After starting at a low point and finishing at the highest point of my career, this year will help me in my retirement. If I ever feel low again, I shall be able to look back and reflect on my experiences, knowing that there are solutions to all challenging situations. Show full testimonial
Jimenez Jorge “Pitu”, Menorca Bàsquet
Josep Maria is a really intelligent coach; he takes a psychological approach to the player. Show full testimonial
Lipoviy Aleksandr, BC Donetsk
I can say that he is a great coach, but above all a great person. I have found that he is a coach who gives opportunities and appreciates the work and commitment of the players.Show full testimonial
Llorca Alex, Lucentum Alicante
Good chemistry and team spirit is really important for Josep Maria, he always tries to make a family of the team where there is harmony and union. He involves all the players and produced great results. Show full testimonial
Lukashov Denis, BC Budivelnik
I must say that I admire the courage with which he has faced different challenges that have arisen in their career. Because of his age and his passion for basketball, I think he is a coach with a bright future.Show full testimonial
Maceiras Antonio, F.C. Barcelona GM
He is a perfectionist, methodical and persistent like Indiana Jones in his search for the Holy Grail, a fighter for the game always imposing one for all. Show full testimonial
Matalí Andreu, F.C. Barcelona, Menorca Bàsquet
To me Josep Maria is the perfect answer to all three questions I always ask myself when I want to hire a coach:Show full testimonial
Messina Etore, CSKA Moscow
Jose has had success everywhere he has been and I feel that this will continue as long as he is coaching.Show full testimonial
Morley Zach, BC Budivelnik
He spends many hours preparing to win the next game. Show full testimonial
Navarro David, Menorca Bàsquet
From my point of view I think that he has the most important quality in a good coach: He feels pasion for our sport , he is a hardworker and self-demanding man, he is always trying to be better. Show full testimonial
Pascual Xavi, F.C. Barcelona
You can talk with him about anything. For me, that is very important. He is probably one of the coaches who has influenced me most in my short career as a professional. It was a pleasure!Show full testimonial
Perez Dani, F.C. Barcelona, Menorca Bàsquet
Wherever he worked he left his mark both with results and the players he had developed.Show full testimonial
Pesic Svetislav, F.C. Barcelona
Josep Maria knows a lot about basketball, he has been in a thousand battles and was built to coach this beautiful and marvelous game he has within him. He loves our game.Show full testimonial
Rubio Ricky, F.C. Barcelona
The crucial, tense moments are when you see his calmness and experience give the team what they need at that time. Show full testimonial
Sada Victor, F.C. Barcelona
He is avery smart coach, and if you want to play on his team, you have to be clever on the court.A great strategist, with a great tactical repertoire.Show full testimonial
Slipenchuk Artem, BC Budivelnik
I think he is one of the best national coaches who has already amply demonstrated this both here and abroad.Show full testimonial
Trias Jordi, F.C. Barcelona
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