Josep Maria Berrocal former Assistant Coach in Panathinaikos Athens (Greece-A1) gave an interview:

What would you try to teach your players besides basketball? How would you do that?

Desire to be better every day, grow personally and professionally. Learning to enjoy basketball. Be strong and brave in facing any challenge and obstacle that comes in life. A lot of communication, we must know how to speak and listen to the players.

Who are your role models in coaching and why?

I have my own style, created after many years in basketball. I have worked with many coaches and I have learned many things from all of them. I like Popovich style (surrounded by great professionals and good manager of groups).

How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year?

One of the best ways is to talk with other coaches and players. I am self-demanding, continuously I analyze my way to train and work improve each day. Surround yourself with the best staff. A single person cannot do everything.

How coaching affecting your life?

Totally, supposed to move from city to city with your family. I see it as an incentive to learn new cultures, countries and ways to play basketball. The support of the family and in my case my wife is key to do what I love: coaching basketball.

What are your coaching goals? Where do you hope to be in the following years?

Keep growing, improving and enjoying coaching. I would like to work in new countries and I would like to work again in my country, Spain.

Describe the top five priorities in your life in rank order and explain why.

Family- gives meaning to life.

Health- With it all is possible.

Love- One of the forces that move the world.

Work- I love basketball and has become my way of life.

Friendships- Few but close and real.

What one word or phrase do you want people to associate with your name?

Good man, ready to help his people. Passionate about basketball.

Tell me your opinion about the Greek league. Which league you prefer as a coach?

Big budget and level differences between teams. Good local players. Good local coaches under a lot of pressure. Lack of stability and continuity in the projects.

For me the ACB is still the best league in Europe, but year by year many leagues are improving a lot.

Inform the top 5 players you will get in your team if you had unlimited budget.

From this Euroleague i choose:

1 Rodriguez (Real Madrid)

2 Spanoulis (Olimpiacos)

3 Kirileko (CSKA)

4 Bjelica (Fenerbahce)

5 Tomic (Barcelona)

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